eDelivery is a service that allows for the electronic submission of filing documents in Civil, Small Claims, Family Law and Probate cases. Documents submitted through eDelivery are not automatically filed and instead must be processed and entered into the case management system for filing by the Clerk’s Offices. eDelivery should not be confused with eFiling, which the Court expects to adopt for Civil, Probate, Appeals, and other case types at some point in 2024. Because of the time associated with processing eDelivery documents, parties are also reminded to adhere to filing deadlines applicable by statute and court rule (or court order). The Civil Department alone, receives approximately on average over 200 submissions a day, which can include multiple documents. Because of the volume of documents submitted by eDelivery and staffing shortages in the Clerk’s Office, late documents submitted for filing by eDelivery, including, but not limited to:
     - replies,
     - stipulations to continue a hearing,
     - notices of remote appearance, and
     - case management statements,
may not be processed timely for hearings.

Court Disclaimer

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Also, please be aware that the security and privacy policies on the eDelivery site may be different than the Court's policies, so read their third party privacy and security policies carefully. If you have any questions or concerns about the products and services offered on this linked third party website, please contact Journal Technologies directly.


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